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Here we go again!!???!!

tugboat power

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Dec 10, 2015
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Hi all, new here and a few questions, i hope u could answer! in 2013 we brought a new camera to take on holidays, the camera shop man said u need this and this and this. $1800 latter we had a nikon slr with a 300+ lens and a small lens and filters, wifi dongle, batterys bag etc. great camera but way to big for what we needed, so 2014 sold it for $700. Was looking at a gopro 3 went to 3 camera shops and they said we dont need a gopro and ended up with a Sony A6000 and extra lens, its a great camera! We are going to Bali in January 2016 and intend to use the sony for photos and some video! But i still would like a gopro for the water/bike activities! I went to the camera store looking at the basic GoPro Hero $175 but once again the sales man started the usual you need the 4 silver or 3 black. He said the basic can not remove battery, video quality is not good etc. So what do you guys think?
Basic or 3 or 4!

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Try a different store.
The Ion/Polaroid cameras are pretty good too. I have one and love it's size and shape compared to the GoPros.

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