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Mar 9, 2011
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When someone asks a stupid question that is going to generate responses that will offend the op. Just lock the thread right after the question.

Sample threads that should be locked, and the op should be removed from the gene pool.

New to photography how do I make money?
Just bought my camera how do I make money?
Have just read a book on making money with a camera, what kind of camera should I buy?
My lens is too short how can I fix that?
My family said I should become a pro, how much should I charge to do Facebook photos?
I was just hired to shoot a wedding, which one is the bride at a same sex wedding?
The sun went down before my natural light shoot was over, my client wants their money back, what should I do?
I know I'm not very good, so where can I buy business cards that say I am?
I have a web site, business cards and my photo business name is Mommycan' How do I attract clients?
I jammed a Canon lens on a Nikon camera where is the button to remove it, I can't find it in the Sony manual?
My knew foto website had aspellyn misteak an somes peoples were mean beekause I spelldid fotopraphyer wrong, How do I attract klients?
I have no idea what I an doing with the camera I got as a gift, is it ok to be a professional on weekends, that way I'm only bad on two days a week?
I posted my best pictures and no one would comment on them, why does everyone hate me?
I'm can't get girls to model for me, is it ok to hide in the bushes at the beach and shoot candids?
My camera makes a click noise when I push the button on the top, is that normal?

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Here is another thought. Don't post inflammatory garbage like this. TPF is open to ALL levels of photographers, from old pros to aspiring ones. They have every right to come to a photography forum and ask for more information. If their questions bother you, don't answer.

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