he's gonna kill me when he sees this :P


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Jun 27, 2003
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hehehe ... so im chatting on yahoo with my hubby while he's at work on webcam ... he does this thing with this pen in his mouth :p ... hehehe, he's gonna kill me when he sees this :lol: ... *shhhhhh* dont tell him

i just did a screen shot of my moniter .. thats probably why

but i confessed it to him as soon as i posted it :lol: .... i cant hold water :oops:

*praying he doesnt get revenge and post that pic of me eating cookies* :shock:
dew... shame on you. shame.

pretty friggin funny though!

uhhhh ohhhh, hubby's home :shock: ... if u dont hear from me in a few days, he's buried me in the basement :lol:
OMG!!!!!!! :shock: :puke-rig:

dont ya just adore people in lurve :love:

*rates this the most vengeful yet funniest thread in a while

thanks for putting a smile on my face, kids, i needed it
I think it's a really cute pic of Dew, so I don't see the revenge factor at all... So I'd score it:

Dew -3 (1 for posting a funky shot of Doxx, 1 for being cute in pics, and 1 for getting to eat some cookies!)
Doxx -1 for taking a cute shot of Dew


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