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Jun 9, 2006
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Introduction and a couple of questions too :D

I'm pretty new to photography and considering I only know a couple of other people who are interested I figured somewhere like here would be a good place to start.

At the minute I'm using my dad's old (very old :lol:) camera, it's a Pentax, couldn't tell you the model at the minute but he's got some extra lenses, flashes, zoom's for it etc... so I'm just getting some practice in with that.

Up until now my main artistic outlet has been photoshop, so that should be quite useful for if I ever need photo's editing etc... if needs be in the future.

Couple of quick questions then: Firstly, those using film camera's, do you just use a regular scanner to transfer them to the pc? I may get myself a digital if I really get into it, but I'll wait a bit first. Obviously digital would be a bit of a payout for a start, but then it would save time/hassle/money having to print off and scan every photo individually, and I'd still have a film camera if I needed it anyway as I doubt that me or my dad would sell it, he's a bit fond of it.

Secondly, any advice for which digital camera's would be a good investment (not money-wise obviously) for a starting photographer. I quite like the effect that you can acheive with the right settings and an IR lense, but then I don't know which digital camera's would be compatible and how much they would cost. And again I expect I shall wait a fair while before doing anything IR.

That's about it really unless anyone else wants to give me any advice for a starter :thumbup:
Welcome Valtam to TPF.

As for ideas, stick with your dad's old Pentax (film) for a while or until you've mastered it a bit. Then everything else will be very easy to handle.

Meanwhile enjoy the forum.
I use film cameras, 35mm and 6x6cm. I use standard processing and old-fashioned enlarging. As I already have all the the necessary equipment, I see no reason to go digital.

On investment: An investment is something that will appreciate with time. With the sole exception of rigs such as Leicas and Hasselblads, cameras lose value with the passage of years.

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