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May 12, 2003
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San Diego, Ca
Hey whats going on, my name is scott and I am a currently a student at the univeristy of colorado. I am pretty much a newbe, I bought a digital camera about six mounths ago primarily to photography college life and to keep in touch with my highschool friends. Anways, afterl iving in Boulder for nearly a school year I have developed a much greater interest for photography. Im sorry but I probably wont be able to contribute much knowlege (yet) but I am eager to learn.

I just wanted to welcome you to the board.

Hopefully some of the more experienced photographers here can be a good resource for you and help you take your photography to the next level. Personally, I doubt I am one that will help all that much, but that is why I started this site. If I knew everything I wanted to know about photography, I probably wouldn't be here!

Once again, welcome to the board. If you get a chance, please post some of your photos for us to see!
welcome to the boards Scott!!! here you will find all the stuff you need to know about photography!! hope to see some of your work soon!

You know, while you're in college, I'll bet you need some kind of art elective. Photography classes are fun assuming you can dedicate a large amount of time to shooting and to the darkroom. Also, they can be a bit costly, but you only live once right?
or just take pictures of girls. oh sorry. Photography classes would be awesome, if there provided for you.


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