Hey guys, im new here. Brief info about myself and why im here.


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Apr 28, 2009
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Hello everyone. My name is Todd. I have a Canon 40D and a small collection of glass. Im not a pro by any means. Ive been experimenting with photography for about a year. Initially my interest in the art started as a result of messing around with photoshop. Im fairly wizardly with the software. I often took pictures off google and edited them, and then i started thinking, why not take my OWN pictures and edit them instead of someone elses? Thats when i bought my first DSLR. A canon rebel xti, then upgraded to 40D a few months later. Fast forward some months and here I am.

I am familiar with the concepts of photography....shutter speed and aperture and that sort of stuff.....but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, i often get confused.

I start off in P mode on my camera but after a while things start going terribly wrong and i find myself switching to auto.

My goal is to never have to use auto ever again.

i have a strong love for forums... they are the best way to learn information from others. Im glad to be here and look forward to acquiring some sick shooting skills from you pros.

Cheers! :hug::


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