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Apr 21, 2006
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Long Island, New York
Hey eveyone-

Ive been looking for a photography forum for awhile, and it looks like Ill be at home here!

I currently live in New York, Im happily married, and have a 6 month old son!

After having my son- I became very interested in photography. For christmas my hubby bought me a digital Cannon Rebel XLT- hoping to make my dreams come true!

Im slowly learning how to work it...

My long term goal would be to start my own business doing weddings, photographing children, and so on... My hubby is amazing in photoshop- however Im clueless in the dept. Id love for this to become something we could do together (Me taking the pics, DH editing them)

For now- Im on the fence about going back to school for this... and if I should... should I look into a degree program or a vocational school? Is it even necessary to do either...

I currently have done some freebies for some friends, and then uploaded them to Kodaks gallery and let them order from there.... is there any better ways than this??

I have tons of questions as you may see- so any info you could give Id appreciate!
hello and welcome to the forum...

and good luck with what ever you decide
Welcome to TPF!!
Welcome to the forum. Although I personally can't answer the questions you posed, I'm sure someone on the photographic discussion forum could answer them...trying posting the questions over there. ~~~Cheers.
Welcome to TPF.

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