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Mar 23, 2009
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So, I don't exactly have a camera yet; well, not a good one. I am hoping to have my first DSLR (SLR for that matter) by the end of the month. I am totally new to this and will be teaching myself most of it, mostly because I live in a small town surrounded by more small towns and, to my knowledge, no courses around.

You can be rest assured, however, that I am not one of those who will be coming here and asking questions before I even research or search the forums for past posts. I am pretty decent at researching things for myself. I have a few books on the subject and I have the internet, so I should be able to answer most of my own questions. I will only come to you for help with questions I can't seem to answer after researching it out.

My pictures will probably sucks, but I will post them. I may even start taking a few with my little point and shoot to get the ball rolling and receive some feedback on what I could do to make things better.

My goal as of now is to be able to call myself an amateur photographer by the end of the year.

I am also hoping to be a viable member here, learning from critiquing and enjoy everyone's art. And hopefully I won't come off as a total newb and ask questions I should have easily found answers for.

I am a bit loquacious tonight.

Hey there Interrobang, and welcome to TPF! I look forward to seeing some pics from you once the camera arrives...have fun!

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