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Aug 14, 2013
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I am Ellie Alcala, I am new here as you all can tell, I just barely got a camera, a Minolta Maxxum 300si, I got it pretty cheap, and I am exploring through it. I didn't know their was such a thing as something like this, this is great! I am a huge photographer, I love taking pictures of random things and sometimes of good memories. The reason I got in here was for my questions to be answered, I hope I get along with a lot of you other photographers as well and I will definitely enjoy my stay :mrgreen:
Welcome to the site.
Hi Ellie, and welcome to TPF! :) This is a forum full of photographers with wide degrees of experience, so you have plenty of people who are experienced but lots of beginners, too. Hope you take a look at our Gallery section and post some of your work!
Great to have you with us. This can be a wonderful place to learn some stuff.
Hello and welcome to the forum Ellie!
Welcome to TPF Ellie. It's a pretty cool thing, exploring through the lens of a camera. It can help us see things in a different way, and I think it can help us deepen our appreciation for the world around us. No matter what---just keep shooting!

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