Heyo need some assistance involving on screen camera monitors

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    Pretty new to cameras and I've seen from trying to research camera equipment that it pretty much never ends and camera equipment always requires more equipment to use. Am thinking about buying a Ninja 2 monitor but I have some questions about the other items you need to purchase. First off is how would I connect the monitor to my camera. I don't really want to attach it to a tripod or anything like that because I want to record from hand and won't be using a tripod all to much. The manual online also says I need a standard 1/4 inch camcorder mount. Not sure if I need attach that to the camera or something else. I know this thread and this question is a mess but I'm just pretty confused and google hasn't brought me any answers. My camera is a Canon EOS 7D Mark ii. I also appreciate any links to products. Thanks!

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    Start looking at flash brackets and video gimbals. Lots of different designs available, so just find the one that looks like it would work for your application.

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