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    Hey there,
    My name is William
    I am 16 Years of age
    Currently signed up to college (got my interview on 1st of June)
    Hope i get into the course

    i have been interested in photography for around 3 years but only got my camera in february, despite this, i have only had it out 3 - 4 days (2 days on holiday and 2 days lately to make my folio for college)

    My gear
    Canon 450D
    18-55mm f3.5 IS
    75-300mm f3.5 USM
    50mm f1.8
    Vertical battery grip


    ill post some images up now in the Landscape / cityscape section, i am not scared of getting harsh critique, no matter how bad you think it sounds, post it i can take it, if not for critique, there would be no improvement


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