Hi All! From Adelaide, AUS


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Jan 12, 2012
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Adelaide, AUS
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Hey everyone,

Names Rob, as you probably guessed from the username. From Adelaide in SA, AUS.

Taken up photography as a small hobby when I have time. I bought a Canon 550D twin lens before my honeymoon to Paris, Venice and Rome, and i'm so glad I did. Up there in the best investments I've made.

Anyone else here from Adelaide?

Look forward to finding out as much as I can from here to help move along my little hobby! :D
Hello Rob

Welcome I hope you will enjoy been a member here with The Photo Forum
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Cheers guys. Haven't had much time to explore yet as I'm only online at work so far, but looking forward to it once I get time at home.
I went to school in Adelaide... but live in Melbourne... In new too!!! :)

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