Hi all, from Fort St. John, British Columbia


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Feb 17, 2012
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Fort St. John, British Columbia
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Newb from the far north east corner of BC, got the bug again. Digital photography is fairly new to me, I'm already loving it, and am looking forward to learning the ropes with my EOS 60D (and Elements 10).

Welcome aboard.
I drove though there once, on my way up to Skagway and from there to Juneau.
...and an Oiler fan too??!! Alaska Highway is pretty photogenic eh? :)

I've had a share in season tickets for the Oilers...it must be going on 15 years or more.

Yes, the drive up to Alaska was very scenic. I don't get much chance to enjoy it though. We made the drive from Edmonton to Skagway in a single shot, about 24 hours. We took the ferry to Juneau to surprise my Sister, who was getting married there while on a cruise. After the wedding, we turned around and came straight home as fast as we got there. The worst part was that I was traveling with my Step Father and his mother, both heavy smokers.
I did get one of my favorite shots on that trip...a boat skimming along on Muncho Lake.

I'd like to take a similar trip again, but take my time and actually enjoy the scenery.

I spent my share of time in FSJ. Lots to shoot around there with all the wilderness. Took a trip up to Liard Hot Springs when I was younger and now looking back wish I was a photog then, some unbelievable scenes and lots of wild life.

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