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Hi all, from the old ugly guy!


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Jan 7, 2012
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South Lyon, MI
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May be the first time in history that my usual "handle" has been taken already on a message board - "Old Baldy"....so, hopefully the first "Old Baldy" doesn't mind me using a close variant...."OldBaldy2"
Yeah, yeah...not much imagination, I know! :)

Anyway, I'm just an old guy trying my hand at some new cool stuff (to me, at least)....getting to grips with HDR techniques.

I have a Canon 5Dc (from a 50D from a 20D), which I pair with my favorite lens, the 17-40L for landscapes, and the 100-400L for the tele stuff. I use the Tok 100 f/2.8 Macro for everything except Macro (don't ask me why), and the Nifty-Fifty for close portraits or when the light's real bad.

Anyway, hope to learn a lot about "true" HDR techniques here (I'm not much into the LDR tone-mapping stuff myself).

Thanks All,

OB(2) :)
Welcome.... you will find all levels of HDR users here.. from the "WAY overprocessed" types, to the "Lets improve it and make it better without being ridiculous" types... have fun!
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