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    hi just starting out again. i done a photography course at college years ago and have always loved it .But have recently got back into it. I now have a sony a200 but am struggling with it, as i like to photo flowers . i also have a fugifilm s8000 which is fab, great macro and super macro on it. even my old pentax p30 does better close ups.
    help. I am looking at close up macro lenses a set of 4 and they look like they are magnifiing glasses you stick on the end, also a 0.5 wide converter lens macro , and a 0.25 fisheye lens wide macro. would like any suggestions if they are good or bad:lmao:

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    Hi there, and welcome!

    [You might get more answers to your question about the macro lenses if you post it in one of the subforums, like 'Photography Equipment & Products', as members may not think to look here for such questions]

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