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    I'm looking for some "How To" from someone that knows the result to my problem. (Thats not why I joined but I thought it would get me started as I'm new to forums). I am going digital, or at least part of me, and I decided to place all my work on computer. I had scanners but thought I would try one to better fit my needs so I purchased a ScanMaker i900. It is working great and I'm scanning prints on the top tier and transparencies and negatives on the bottom. The unit came with Photoshop Elements. I am able to scan several prints at the same time and seperate them later in the computer. A great time saver. AH! Finally my problem! I can scan 12 transparencies at the same time but am unable to seperate them in the computer. I have thousands of negs and positives and don't want to spend a lifetime scanning each one seperately. Any suggestions?


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