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    United Arab Emirates
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    My name is Abdallah Jamali..
    i am called : Akkass..
    Akkass is a persian name.. means: photographer. [​IMG]
    i live in United Arab Emirates.
    well, my first camera i think i got it for 3 years now [​IMG]
    it's Canon EOS 400D , when i was first bought i didn't use it to much..
    till the next year and today [​IMG]
    and now i am gonna buy some new lenes and work more on my skills on those..
    after i'll upgrade my camera, and about upgrading i need an advice from u guys [​IMG]
    Because now i am really confused. between Nikon and Canon..
    the Nikon D300 and Canon EOS 50D.. maybe there is better from these two[​IMG]
    but some said to me that u should go to Nikon since u already have Canon
    cause of the lenes..

    << i talked to much didn't i [​IMG]

    anyways Nice to meet u all [​IMG]

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    Welcome! Enjoy and give us some pics ;-)

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