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Aug 4, 2003
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behind the viewfinder
yepp, it's me Dew's mysterious hubby...

My grandma was a photo maniac when I was a kid, and of course I had to take pictures with her old rangefinder... I also played around with a Kodak Retina, have some darkroom experience and do "serious" amateur photography since about 15 yrs (reminds me of getting 33 soon :shock:) My first SLRs were an Olympus OM 1ti and several Minolta Dynax... Then I had serious work to do

When Olympus came out with the first digital SLR I had to get one, mostlikely I did product shots for clients of mine (for print - yes it is possible :wink:)

Recently I upgraded to a 10D, that's how Dew comes in the picture (y'all know she uses the Olympus now, don't ya)

Besides, I work for a prepress/design company and when I'm not taking pictures I do something on my computer (I'm a nerd :)), tweak my pics and help Dew to get her stuff rolling :roll:
now dont be telling all our business :lol:

u never told me ur grandma was a photo nut?? *pouting* :p
nice meeting you doxx...
ur always on dews' post :lol:
hey Manda, yeh I did some stuff with that doll too :twisted: I did some major work on her make up - and sure enough I got some shots of her as well. I'll post it on my website soon - still working on my galleries
doxx, man ive waited a long time to sew dew's man on the boards!!

welcome my friend, welcome!

Welcome, it's been fun with Dew around here.

Perhaps someday mrsvoodoo will join fun :D

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