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May 29, 2006
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Hampshire, England
Hi this is my first post, i've been taking photo's for about 18 months. Took this today while at a sports stadium. Feedback appreciated......
nono, the size is fine. In fact, much smaller and it would be hard to view.

I like it a lot. I would maybe have tried to fill the frame with chairs instead of leaving an open space in the bottom right corner. Other than that, very good!
The size is fine. Try to keep below 800 pixels on the longest side & you'll be OK.

I like the colours and the repetitive pattern, just not happy about having to look at the backs of the chairs on the back row.

Nice shot for your first post though! :thumbup:
I wasn't happy with the chair backs either but i was at the rear of that section of seating. Really wanted to get a picture from the front row looking up, but lots of people around spoiling the composition.
Nice first post. The colours are cool in this shot.
Welcome to the forum. BTW

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