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Mar 8, 2012
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My name is Steven and I am an event photographer based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK. I've been working professionally since 2003. I started my photographic career some years ago in video production but in 2006 dropped the video side to put all my efforts into stills photography. I also enjoy HDR and I have been introducing this into some of my landscape work. I use Canon equipment.

I also have just launched Photography Competitions Live and Online now at Flickr Awards which is a photography contest website whereby members can enter their pictures into over 50 live categories to battle for votes and climb the global leaderboard. It's not commercial, totally free and a bit of fun. I love getting involved in all aspects of photography and I think this site will compliment that.

I look forward to sticking around here so I can share my photographic passion with others.

Many thanks

Welcome to the forum Stephen. I will check out your competition at some stage
Thank you Jaomul. Yup it would be great to checkout the flickrawards website when you have time. You would need to have a flickr account.
Welcome Steve, and I also will check it out sounds like a nice idea. Can I win a New D800 :lmao:

Your sign on Good to be around is just what I said when I awoke from a cardiac arrest some years back, Good To Be Around!!
Lol Papa. I cannot promise you a New D800 certainly not at the moment. But hey you never know if people like the site I might decide to push it even more. My main business is wedding photography and has been for many years but I just love trying out different things and learning new stuff. My FlickrAwards site hopefully provides an opportunity to study what makes great pictures. Hope to see you there.

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