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    I am new here and would like to get acquainted with the site. I recently bought a used nikon D50 slr and am enjoying this camera. I have also inherited a few vintage nikon pro film cameras from my grandfather who was a photographer for a korean newspaper. These cameras are beautiful!! One of them is the Nikon F slr which was released in 1959.
    I gave this camera to a good friend so he could share in some of the goodness from the golden age of nikon film cameras. Unfortunately this camera was no longer in working condition and would have cost a pretty penny to fix. I also inherited a Nikon FE and F2 from my grandfather.
    I haven't tried out the FE yet but the F2 works great. So basically those are the tools of my trade. I really am not that experienced in photography but I have been having a good time taking pictures. Thanks for reading!


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