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Dec 20, 2007
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Well hello to you all and seasonal greeting - what a friendly busy forum this seems to be - I posted a fun picture and before I had time to make a cup of coffee, people had replied!

I hope to share and learn from you all in this fun time of digital photos.

I am well past my 'best before date' and slowly approaching my 'sell by date', but now have lots of time to indulge myself in this lovely hobby - my passion is macro photography of the natural world around us. Some things are so beautfiul the pictures take themselves! - makes it a little easier for me.

All the best
welcome :) good to have a growing number of members from the old world on the forum :)
He he... Some of us 'old-world' dudes live in the US. ;)

Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard Chris, glad you found this mass of misfits here on the TPF. Greetings from the other side of the pond in cool and crisp Indiana, US.

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