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    hey all!

    Navin here!

    i thought i would just introduce my self from you all, because as time passes i am sure some of you might be hearing from me in regards to questions i might have, because i am quite new to all this. i have been playing around with photo shop quite a bit and then i recently got a Nikon D5000 with the kit lens and a sigma 18-200 mm and tripod. being new to DSLR cameras i need all the help i can get. most of all i am inspired by the epic nature of HDR Photography, and am very fond of landscapes and portraits also.

    as of now i have only taken about 3 pics with my camera as i am still trying to figure the thing out and if you would like to see them i can send you a link, that is until i figure out how to post pictures here for you to comment and criticize.



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