Hi from Miami, Florida.

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    Hey friends,

    I used to be an active member a few years ago but left after the biggest headache after asking about music photography. So I'm back and taking on a new field, weddings, and lifestyle and will be under a separate photog name. For those interested in my work you can see it here and add me! Www.NoisegaragePhotography.com and IG @NoisegaragePhotography

    I recently upgraded my equipment All the images you see on my page are with a Nikon D3100 w/ 35MM 1.8 which I've been using since it first came out and last week picked up a D7200 with a spare 35mm so I'm very excited.

    Anyway. Hopefully, this time around is better and thank you and looking forward to being a contributor to this awesome forum

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    Welcome back!

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