Hi from Montreal


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Feb 14, 2016
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Hi. I'm new new here. Hope to share and learn with you guys!

Hi FrazerRider!

New here myself, but it's always nice to have a large welcoming party. So I'll get it started. :)

Welcome from Montana!
Hello! I am looking for a few people to participate in a beta test we are running for a client of ours and I think your members may be interested.

We specifically need "advanced amateur" photographers (French Canadian speaking and/or primarily use a Mac computer) that have 5,000+ printed photos available to scan. The beta test is for a rapid photo scanner that can scan up to 12 photos at a time and convert them to digital files. Participants earn $75 for their time and get to experience some of the latest on photo scanning technology, first! Those interested participants to apply: http://beta.prelaunch.com/. Just Click to Apply under the beta test titled 'Rapid Photo Scanner Beta Test'. Thank you in advance for your time!

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