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Aug 22, 2013
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New Orleans
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hey everyone!! names andrew, been shooting for a few years. im currently living in new orleans. moved here about 3 months ago just because, just because its new orleans, originally from california. i have not explored to much of the city yet but im looking forward to it. anyone else around in new orleans?
Wonderful city IMO. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome, Andrew! I'm not from NO, but it's a great city and you should have a blast exploring it. :) I hope to see you posting your work here!
Welcome to TPF, Andrew. Cheers of "Show us your...PICS! Show us your...PICS!" echo from the streets of TPF....lol
Welcome to the forum Andrew!
thanks everyone!! ya i was on a few other forums but there not busy enough and i cant get any constructive criticism on my work to improve it so im looking forward to posting here, looks like ill be getting the feedback to improve my work
Welcome to the party, Andrew!!! Stop hitting up the bars and start posting!!

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