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Dec 24, 2007
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Hi, my name is Vicente, I'm from Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and well, i'm just 19 yo but I've been loving photography for a while and finally got a Canon Rebel Xti for Christmas, bought it myself though...
welcome to the forum :)
Welcome to the forum man, I was in puerto rico not that long ago. Where in puerto rico are you located?
in Bayamon, like 15min south from the capital San Juan, where did u go when u were here?
Well, we were San juan for two days while we explored El Morro and enjoyed the beach behind the Marriott hotel. Then we traveled up to the yunque rain forest for a five mile hike where we were able to swim in this amazing waterfall. After that we also made stops at luquillo beach and La parguera where we went snorkeling in the caribbean. In all it was a great trip and I hope to travel back soon.
Welcome aboard.
tner541, seems like a nice vacation out here, yeah the waterfalls in el yunque are pretty cool, if u come around send me a msng jajajaja
jajaja thank u, it's 5.40am here and i'm going 2 sleep now, 200 pics taken today, just burning out the fever, a couple of them are kind of good so i'll post them later since i haven't taken the time to actually install the software to the laptop, so see u guys later
Sure thing man!
did u went to any beach out of san juan?? 'cause those are the awesome ones

Yeah, we stayed at the Marriott hotel in San Juan which was right on the ocean. If I had my camera I could have taken some great shots their.

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