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Feb 18, 2012
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Reykjavík, Iceland
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Hi all,

I'm Paul from London, England. I'm building an interest in various types of documentary, journalist and street photography, and am willing to apply myself to the field, starting as a hobbyist but hopefully occasionally for some pay. In April I'll get my first proper equipment (at least a DSLR, prime lens, zoom lens, tripod) with which I'll immediately pursue the streets and nature of Iceland (where I'm currently studying as an Erasmus student) until May, but before I start I want to get myself accustomed to the fields of photography and photojournalism. So you can see I have no real experience apart from the love of an important photograph; I hope that participating in this forum will change this.

Today is and has been my first proper step. I've located this forum, found a couple of photojournalist-related blogs to follow, and gone through and made notes from an introductory book on photography - exactly what terms like aperture, shutter speed, focus etc. mean, what their values signal, and what changing them in combination will achieve.

I look forward to learning from all the photography lovers here, as well as being exposed to some brilliant maintainers of the art!

Hi Paul. Hmm, I think you will have many subjects to shoot in Iceland.
It will be interesting to see some of your street images ... and landscape (if you decide to do that).

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