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May 31, 2013
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bo'ness, scotland
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My name is Brian, I shoot with a nikon d300s, I lost all intrest in photography the latter part of last year up until recently , im looking now for something to motivate me and by looking at the site I think ive found it,
Welcome aboard Brian!
Welcome to the site.
I love your country, Brian. Beautiful scenery in the highlands.... and haggis.... I'll never forget. I was there in September 2012.
Hi, I just did my registration with this community and this is my first post. I am indopy. I want to explore more and more from here.
Welcome aboard, Brian.

indopy - it would be much better to start a new thread for your introduction, rather than hijack this one. If you're only trying to spam us, though, don't bother.
Thanks again for the welcomes, Kja6 ,yes there is some lovely scenery here, I love haggis but its not to everyones taste lol

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