hi guys!



Im looking for a quality slr camera that wont break the bank. honestly, ive been using a kodak easyshare lately, and although the pictures are nice(3.2 mp), i want to go back to the days when my parents took pictures of me and my sister with an old minolta(i think). anyhow, your help would be greatly appreciated!!


sorry about the sappy memories!

p.s. since i posted this, i bought a nikon n75. I like it, and the price was right. woo hoo!

I thought you had a Minolta System. I"M surprised you didn't get another Minolta and use your same lenses. You did get a pretty good camera. Heard good stuff about it. :scratch:
the minolta seemed to be pretty good, but it wasnt very resilient to bangs and bruises...it broke. i got the n75 from nikon instead.

Well Nikon is very nice. If I ever had extra money laying around for an AF, I would buy Nikon.
i hear ya! I want the n80 or f5. Friggin awesome camera. does nikon make a medium format?


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