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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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Ok! I thought it would be pointless posting a "Hello, I have arrived" thread, but in retrospect i have decided to do just that, what with it being silly o'clock in the morning and having very little else to do in my bought of insomnia....

So HEY!! I'm Lisa B! Not to be confused with the other LisaB, which I have just noticed is also registered here.

I am an artist, I have my own site, It needs updating but i havent the time to do it. I have myspace, but who doesnt?! (http://www.myspace.com/zerofraggle) feel free to have a look at some of my work there...

My photography passion started when I were a youngster, flailing about with some crappy old 35 mm camera which always confused me while attempting to change the film! I later moved on to those 110 films, you know the ones that you just slot in - they worked for a while, I was young and poor and clearly too dumb to be able to figure out the 35mm process...yes, I was a bit strange back then...not alot changes!

I now have an Olympus E500 Digital Camera, nice little studio and plenty of ideas...one day i'll make a living soley out of my art and photography. Until that day comes, I work for my mother's business. It is convenient.

Feel free to say hey and everything. I won't bite, honest! Not even on a weekend!!

Lisa xxx
Alex B says "Welcome Lisa B" ! :p
I'm almost dancing the ultimate dance of arrivals victory dance, 2007...
Welcome aboard Lisa.
Welcome to TPF, Lisa B! Great to see you dive right in and post up a storm.

I have almost stopped dancin' It's now half nine in the morning and I'm all out of tea...
OH! And thanks for the welcoming welcome of all welcomes :D
Hang on there a minute!
You say you live on the south coast of England and on occasion America, so would I be right in thinking that at certain times of the year your legs grow to an incredible length and to stand up you have to spread your legs across the Atlantic during high winds?

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