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Jo-Ann Moss

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Dec 31, 2007
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Portland, Oregon
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Hi all,

I love photography, but I'm here to share some other news. Please feel free to move this to another spot if necessary.

I'm editor of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit online literary journal that features poetry, nonfiction, fiction, art, and photography. Pay is miniscule, but contributors do have the opportunity to post Web links to personal sites, so it's good, free publicity.

Please feel free to submit theme-related photography.

For complete details, visit:

http://www.ravingdove.org, or

Thanks for letting me stop by, and Happy New Year!

Jo-Ann Moss, Editor
Raving Dove
Hi Jo-Ann, welcome aboard.

I will check out your weblinks after the holidays. Thanks.
Jo-Anne - Welcome!

I took time to look through your magazine and i am sure many here share the ideals put forward in your principal message. I was moved by and article n the summer edition of the student going frightened to Iraq - we have sons and daughters of friends and relations serving there and in Afghanistan and share the thoughts expressed. I shall be thinking of images that i have that might suit your theme and recommend others here to do the same. Good luck with your venture from the UK.
Thanks, Fangman, and everyone else.

I'm applying for my first grant with the National Endowment for the Arts. Monies received would be used to pay contributors and to promote the venture. Good things are in store in 2008.

Thanks, again, for letting me post here.


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