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Sep 23, 2010
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Bath, Ohio
Hi, I'm a newbie who needs advice on what camera to buy. Lame, I'm aware but I don't just want to jump in and buy something for the label, I want a camera with substance.
As far as what "brand" to buy, you're going to get almost as many opinions as responses. As far as the type, I would say get a dSLR. As to the brand, get to a camera store so you can pick them up, hold them, and see how they feel in your hands. Don't go solely on price. Nikon and Canon are the Big Two. But that isn't to say that other brands are bad. I currently have a Canon dSLR and a Nikon point and shoot and cannot say anything bad about either.
I agree with Chris. Get to a store and pick them up and play with them.

They all take pictures.

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