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Dec 10, 2012
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I have a question :) I heard that there is a new update of the firmware of Nikon D7000. My question goes like this.

1.) What are the benefits if I update my firmware?
2.) Would there be any changes in my Nikon D7000 if I update it?
2.) Is it safe?
3.) Where can I download it?
4.) How to install it on my Nikon D7000?

Sorry just a noob/newbie Nikon user :)
Have you considered going to the NikonUSA.com and reading what it say there - or doing a web search?

I don't think that any of us here get information in any way but that.
The only update to the D7000 firmware is the A:103 / B:104 update that was released in April, 2012. Information is available on This Page of the Nikon USA web site.
Most benefits are in the lens distortion controls. As Nikon releases new lenses, the values need to be inputted to work accurately. There are also slight tweeks and minor bug fixes in updates. Updating firmware is only available through the manufacturer, so its as safe as its gonna get. It really isn't complicated to do either. Nikon has step by step instructions.

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