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Jun 3, 2013
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Hey there!

My name is Danni, and I'm new to this little world of photography. I also am new to the videography/cinematography world. I mainly bought my Canon t4i for video, but I also love photography on the side. Still framed, captured moments. I take a lot of pictures of my dogs, nature, family, and anything that I can capture. I would really like to capture the artistic view of things. I want to capture the special moments as they happen, but also the beauty and angles that people don't see unless they are show, or have an eye for it. (or perhaps people get caught up in their busy lives that they forget to look) Hopefully one day, I can have that perfect eye, or close.

I want to master my camera, and then buy better lenses. :D
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the forum Danni!
Welcome, Danni!
hi danni...you popped into my intro thread...i thought i'd pop into yours!
hope you enjoy yourself here and with photography! we can be newbies together. ;)
Thanks everyone! :)

Thanks! I also hope you enjoy yourself here! Yay for the newbies ;-)
Welcome to The Photo Forum. Hope you enjoy your stay here, be sure to post more often here in the forums to get to know every one of us. :)

If any helps is needed, please feel free to ask away.

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