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Aug 6, 2013
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I suppose the easiest way to introduce yourself is just to do it- here goes. I live in the grand United States and currently serve as a firefighter in their military. However, this is a profession and not a calling. At heart I am a seeker of light and an artist. I live in a perpetual state of artistic mind. I see the world through my own lens; a lens of fascination and beauty. You should visit sometime, it is truly beautiful. I shoot with mostly Pentax and as of yet have not broken into the world of film- that will soon change. As far as what I appreciate and like to photograph, I love people. Portraits are great as is street photography. I strive to capture the raw emotion of humanity and although I fail more often than not, I genuinely love this endevour. Generally speaking, I appreciate the affects of natural light with deep shadows and soft highlights.

I hope to get to know some cool people. :)
Welcome to TPF, Backstep! We have lots of film shooters here, so when you are ready to learn more you'll have lots of great folks to talk to. :) I love your description of how you think about photography and hope to see you use our Gallery section to post your work!

Take your time, explore the forum, keep posting - and have fun.
Great intro! Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the site.

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