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Nov 1, 2015
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Southeastern lower Michigan
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Hi, I'm another noob !

I've been taking pics probably like everyone else here . I started out with film a few decades ago then went to digital and was never happy, probably because I kept buying point and shoots.
After a recent trip and it seemed like my cellphone was taking better pics than my "camera" I broke down and bought a 6D.
We travel a lot, have 2 trips out of the country next year to our new favorite vacation spot. I need to take better pics so I can blow them up and hang stuff on the wall like I used to do.

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Welcome and better late than never, I'm sure you will enjoy the 6D on your trips.
Welcome! The 6d will serve as a great camera while you're traveling.
Thanks ! I've been using a G12, it works great for shooting macro of my work but it made me a little sad on my trip.

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