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Jun 24, 2007
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Well high key attempt anyway! I decided just to face my fear and give it the old college try. How'd I do? What did I do wrong. What can I improve and work on next time. I think the ground looks so dark because the carpet is a dark grey/blue and was showing threw my sheet (can't wait for seamless paper and stand next year!). THank you!

BTW, I see the cast in the one of her smiling I just have no clue how to get it out! It's kinda a yellow magentaish isn't it?





Just adding this for fun, I'm pretty sure the bg is to dark to be considered high key.
something about the color is messing me up but I don't know what it is. I need to run for now, but I'll be back and see if I can put my finger on it.

(BTW... my pastor would love a coffee cup that size!)
Hehe, there is a hole in the bottom so it wouldn't work very well dp ;)
I got it at Michales.
Is he giving us the finger? :lmao:
Nice Shots, I like them. Especially the litte one in the cup.
It would appear that he is :confused: Someone mentioned that to me last night.
Are these "high key"?
I thought it was also determined by the clothes the model is wearing, and that they should be quite bright, too, like also white, or bright yellow or bright pink or so? With the background being white and the light being bright... do I STILL not full get the idea of "high key" then? :scratch:

I don't see that much of a colour cast, but then I rarely see them, anyway. To me, the whites seem white...
I don't know! You may be right and it's I who misunderstands the meaning of high key...wouldnt be the first time I was wrong :) I have difficulty seeing color casts also!
dp - could your issue with the color have to do with the fact there was a circular floresent light on above me? I am wondering if I should pick up a cheepy like with some kind of bulb that doesn't have these cast effects on my photos (I've noticed it before) when ever I use them in this room without natural light from my window to focus.
Hi LaFoto-agree agree, these aren't what would normally be considered "Hi Key" but they are pretty darn cute.
Thank you for answering the question elsaspet. As I have said before, each time I learn something new I find that I need to learn something NEW ;)
Now I know for the future!
Aww, lets face it they are just "bright" ;)

Oh yes. The learning is what keeps me going!
Before I got into this I was a SAHM with a brain turning to mush. Now I am a SAHM with a brain not quite so mushy.
these are cute... i gotta get me one of those cups!!! oh, they are not highkey, by the way, need light clothes too..but they are nice and bright and i think the parents will love them! particularly 1 &2..its a nice twist on the kid in the wash tub

oh ic, everyone already told you it wasnt highkey, sorry...lol

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