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Hip hop artist

Christie Photo

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Jan 7, 2005
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Kankakee, IL
This was a bit of a reach for an old guy like me. This guy wanted some images for self promotion. I would love to hear any comments, especially if I'm WAY off the mark.


Technically very good, as usual. They do feel a little clean cut for a hip hop 'artist' though. The dark ones certainly feel more in tune than the light ones...but they all have a bit of edginess to them, which is good.

Maybe I'm just expecting them to be shot in front of a graffitied ally or something like that.
I agree, they do seem a little too clean. The one with his back facing the camera and the one with the shirt off seem to reflect his profession a bit more. I would suggest shooting him in some kind of grungy/urban scene next time.

The lighting on these are top notch!
I agree with it being too clean cut. They're technically, fantastic. Try looking into some actions to use on the photos to give them a little more of an edge, such as Kubota or Totally Rad!
I echo everyone else, too clean ... very nice but too clean. I'd shoot him in an environment of his choice ... available light ... high ISO.

Well... that's clear. Thank you everyone!

jlykins.... Thanks for the link!

I enjoyed working with him. He has a definate plan, and says these images will now go to a graphic designer for further manipulation. I do like the thought of personally taking these further.

Best of all, we discussed doing some outdoor location work as soon as the weather breaks.

Again, THANKS to everyone. You've inspired me.

So Pete, are you saying that you've found a new niche....Hip Hop photography?
If so, you will need to start dressing the part...and we will need photos of that ;) :lol:
The one with his back facing the camera and the one with the shirt off seem to reflect his profession a bit more.

Yes, yes... more with his shirt off... I think that is a must!
Fantastic work! Like mentioned already, a little "too" clean for this style. But, the actual photography is great!

I'd love to see what he does with these photos by the time they're done with them!

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