hitting my head against a wall


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May 14, 2007
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Earlier this am i was channel surfing and stopped at one of those shop on line tv shows. The kind that run 24/7.
They were selling a Kodak bridge camera, (model, don't remember) which is what caught my attention and the fellow says something along these lines.

Now you have a professional camera you too are a professional. Wanted to scream, jump out a window or bang my head against the wall:confused:

Will this never end!!!!!!!! Probably not....
Same message as get ripped abs with no sweat and 2 minutes a day sitting at your desk; full nutrition in a morning drink; 30% return on your investment riskfree, etc... Barnum had something to say about that.
Banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories :)
*puts down camera and begins working on a "special" head-banging pillow that can be marketed on the shopping channels and sold for only 3 easy payments of 14.95*
Do you do that while listening to headbanger music?

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