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Hola! An Introduction


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Apr 15, 2015
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Hello there!

My name is Shane, and despite my little bit of Spanish in this thread title, I am a 100% born and bred British guy. I'm currently a student of Geography (more specifically my exact degree is "Geography: Environment & Sustainability") at the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, which I moved to in August 2011. However, I'm currently doing a semester abroad at the University of Oslo in Norway.

My interest in photography got serious when I bought my first DLSR in 2013; a Canon Rebel T3i. Admittedly, I knew nothing about the technical aspects of photography (and still don't, really) but it opened up a whole new world of creative freedom for me, and for somebody who isn't traditionally artsy (I can't draw to save my life, and I have about zero musical ability), it granted me an incredibly creative outlet. I realized too at this point that I had always had somewhat of an underlying interest in taking photos, it just needed to come out. My other interests include travelling, reading, drinking copious of coffee (and harbouring a need to check out any and every coffee shop I stumble across on my travels), tea (I'm British), soccer (okay, football to some - Canada has changed me) and skiing - which is perhaps my biggest passion and what I get the most enjoyment out of doing.

Why am I here? Simply: I want to get better! I want to learn from all you wonderful people about the technical aspects of photography, advice on how to take better photos (although I realize this is very subjective) and keep up to date on where I should be focusing my equipment upgrades when the time becomes right. I would also love to offer my view on any and every aspect of what you all are doing!

I think that's enough for now, thanks for reading!

Welcome, Shane.

I have a decided bias towards Brits because I have a truly likeable son-in-law who's a Brit to the core - and a spurs fan.

Welcome aboard, from one geographer (GIS/Computer Cartography) to another.

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