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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by Nikon newbie, Jul 25, 2017.

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    Hi Guys! Stuck on who to ask so I thought of the trusty ol' forum, so I have had a serious inquiry for a new years eve wedding, my wedding pricing will be changing come 2018. I have had other inquiries that I have disregarded because my thought process is - its a holiday - me time - family time.. so I feel stuck. Do you charge the same as you do on a holiday? what if your rates were going up? would you charge the next years rates where its a holiday? I also don't really "need" the booking if you would say, I was technically booked up for the 2017 wedding year but then new years eve is almost 2018 and I slow down in the winter so I thought maybe...

    anyways guys, help!

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    I'd say your overthinking it.

    Do it, don't do it, but I wouldn't factor in bank holiday pay for weddings, they are generally quite often on weekends where one in a nine to five job is off, but that's just me. New year's Eve is still 2017.

    That's just the way I'd see it, but you're the pro and it's your time
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    The thing is, if you have the ability and people come to you for your work. You can charge what ever price that works for you economically. Some go by the cheap price and get loads of work. Some go with high price and only work occasionally. Then others are in the middle for moderate compensation. If you have the ability and the product that you can charge more for working holidays why not? Now if you have lots of competition that provides near the same work as you. Then it's probably not a good idea. You know your economics of your business. And should know a little about your competition. And you know your area. People on this forum are from all over the place and in different situations. What may work for us may not be so for you and vise versa.

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