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Dec 14, 2004
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She's actually from San Diego, but I still wanted her to have a red carpet of sorts.....

The first thing that came to my mind; was that it looks like she is engulfed in flames. :greendev:
actually I rather like it.

I wish I had a dollar (inflation) for ever everytime a bride asked for a shot of the back of her dress. This is as interesting shot of the rear of a dress as I have ever seen. thanks

Walking into hell is a pretty good image for a new bride as well. Rofl
Hehe. I was about to come here and ask where all the love went! It's ok to tell me when it sucks. I suck much of the time, believe me. Trying lots of new things, and sometimes they don't work. Would burning the two top steps help? Or am I just being heavy handed with the saturation?
The way she is standing makes me look at her butt a lot.... doh.... and that her train is not pulled out on the left hand side is also a distraction. I love the ones on your other thread better :)
LOL. I think the vote is in. This one doesn't work. Thank you guys though. You help me learn every day.
Sorry Cindy. Yeah, I think it was a good idea, but several little things added up so that it didn't work for me.

The color balance is off towards red/yellow, and the bottom half is in shadow.
Her position doesn't look that naural and doesn't flow quite right in the composition.
But I guess the biggest for me is the way the wide angle lens is working with the image here. The stairs look like they are at distorted angles, and looking up at her does emphasize her butt.

Looking at it, I do see why you took it and what you were going for.
markc said:
The color balance is off towards red/yellow, and the bottom half is in shadow.
Yeah, the split did not work for me as well.
Heehe. Yeah, I see it now. Actually that was done in many layers of sat, and I just went WAY overboard. (The walls are actually a kind of beige). I just kept layering and erasing the bride. The reason her butt looks fat is that is was taken with the fish 15mm at the edge of her train. Just a comedy of errors. Again, I learn so much here. I never knows what works and what doesn't, and you guys and gals are a wonderful jury.

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