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Apr 30, 2006
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santa barbara ca
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i guy at a photo shop told me that i could make a 4 point star filter by using screen and a canning jar lid. he said that i could use some screen, from a window, or something else, and then get a lid that would fit around the outside of my lens. then he said to put some foam around the inside of the lid and screen, so that it would fit snug on my lens.

has anyone heard of this or done this before?

or maybe know of how to do this a better way? also what kind of screen could you use, metal or plastic, does it matter?
wow, interesting idea.. would be interesting to try, but one thing strikes me as odd, to my logic any screen won't do, the most logical would be a plastic transparent screen, so the screen actually distorts the light.
Never heard anything like this before, but as I said, sounds very interesting..
yeah it seems wierd, but the guy said he made one and used it for years, but i can't figue out how to make one.
Another option is to simply purchase a star filter… They can be found used on Ebay in a multitude of sizes, and usually reasonably priced.

If you really want to make one though… I’ve heard that etching lines in a UV or ND filter also works well.

Better yet, how about a starring effect without the use of a specialized filter? Your lenses will starburst sharp points of light when stopped to f/22 and higher (whether you want them too or not!)
i am going to buy one i just thought that making one seems a little more fun than buying one. but i'll try the f stop at 22, i didn't know that itdid that
A square mesh will probably make a four pointed star, much the same way that a seven bladed aperture diaphram makes a 7 pointed star. Any mesh material stretched over the lens will soften the image and tend to give light effects with direct sources. Ladies' tights (stockings) are a favourite for softening images and they will generate interesting stars under the right conditions.


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