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    Hong Kong Sports Photography Association (HKSPA) has been established in 2004

    With the mission of promoting athletic sports photography, the Hong Kong Sports Photography
    Association (HKSPA) has been established in 2004. The foundation of HKSPA is to effectively
    organise different sports photographic activities to the public. Apart from promoting sports
    photography, HKSPA hopes more people, not only local citizens but also people from other countries,
    can aware the status of athletic sports in Hong Kong SAR.

    Since 2003, our Board of Committee has worked very closely with numerous local sports associations
    and has been appointed as the official photographers in many of the international athletic events.
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those sports associations for their kindly

    In the near future, different kinds of sport photographic activity will be organised including
    seminars, tuition classes, exhibitions and competitions. Through these kinds of activity, we hope
    that people can find more interest on athletic sports photography.

    Yours truly,
    Hong Kong Sports Photography Association

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