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Oct 30, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, CA U.S.A
Shot this one across the street from my fiends ranch last Saturday. I like the shot, but I am not sure if the lens flare kills it. I love lens flare, so I have a biased opinion.

Nikon D1H. 1/90th @ ƒ6.3. Focal length = 70mm. Cloudy +2 WB.

hmmm,... on the one hand the flare is a bit distracting IMO, but on the other... it gives some extra romantic feeling and creates almost dreamy atmospheare around the picture. I don't know yet what to think about the flare but I like the overall picture
That's a tough one to call I think. I'd probably tend to say the lens flare isn't good, as the white horse has little face left discenible. As has been said, there's a dreamy feel to it. Does it work in B&W maybe?

craig said:
Thanks for the comments gang!!! I am a little leery of trying it in B&W. Pretty attached to colour. I will give it a shot tho.

I agree, leave it in color. I won't judge your composition since I know you would have already thought about what i'll say, and the comp is great anyway. i love the flare, personally. really adds a nice touch. only thing I wish is that it wasnt on its 'face' so much, but that's not always controllable. only thing that bothered me was the sky, it looks a little strange.
Thanks! You may be on to some thing. I shot a bunch with various positions and intensity of the flare. Only the hot spot has the sky. The other part is mountain.

The flare position is better in this one, but the animals are soft. What do you think? This is basically the raw file. Needs a little work.

yeah the first one is better, the animals are a bit too soft on the second one. no wonder the sky looked funny in the first, it was a mountain :D

the flare thing is really up to you i think, as it could fit your 'style' or might be something you really like. if you like it where it is, use that one. it's subject to opinion in this case i think.
Yeah. Flare is always better in the viewfinder. Makes me want to start a viewfinder/print in hand debate in the discussion forum. Anyway. I have a couple of this scene without the flare. They are just too "standard". Horses are tough, because I am always leery of jumping the fence. Last year I was able to cowboy up. After 8 months of not being around them I am scared again.
flare doesn't really work for me here, but i think its just because it blocks the horses face/head... maybe if it was elsewhere... but i agree about the "dreamy atmosphere" :thumbup:

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