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    1 & 3 are the best. 2 feels a bit weak with no real center of attention.
    #3 is a decent image but the sort that the rider would buy but lacks fine art merit.

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    1 - I agree that this photo could benefit greatly from a portrait crop. Youv'e got a great solid black background photo with good control over exposure on the horses head and body; however besides the head the rest isn't doing much but distract. A portrait crop cleans thus up, plus it also means that the angle of head to body and the angle of the camera will have you looking more "at" the horses head; whilst at present there's almost a suggestion of looking down at the horse a little with the body in the frame.
    edit - you might try a saturation layer and desaturating the cyan channel to lose a bit of the blue tinge in the blaze. Shadows often give a bluish cast and desaturating a fair bit in the cyan channel can help lose the effect (though I find if you fully desaturate, sometimes, the white area loses all colour that one would expect so sometimes you have to experiment a little)

    2 - Another very solid exposure, not easy on a grey horse next to a chestnut/brown horse. However whilst its fun its also lacking. I feel as if the rear from the grey is half way, either on the down or the up or just a mini rear not a full standing one. Meanwhile the other horse distracts a bit from the hind legs and full pose. With the angle of both horses they almost feel like they are both tipping over to hte left; which takes away from the power of the rear from the grey (indeed the hind legs are giving an odd suggestion as they are so straight at that odd angle).

    This is the kind of photo anyone with a connection to the horses will likely like; might not pay for it, but they'd like it and call it great; but those without connection won't like it as much.

    3 - As said by others a little warming on the face, maybe a reflector or a little more light; but otherwise a very good solid photo. Got the horse doing exactly what you want as well; head turned with a good angle and ears prickd up. Just what you want from the horse in the scene (which is the harder part to pose perfectly).

    4 - a little dark on the foreground of the face; light side has very good colour to the eye, which can be a tricky thing to get with many animals (which often have very dark eyes that are easily shadowed).

    Overall you've got great exposure and lighting control in general; a few refinements here and there and a bit of tidying up of composition; but you're onto a very solid line here!
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