Hot girl at the dam


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Jul 12, 2006
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All comments and crtiques welcomed and appreciated. Thank you

Interesting shot. Very sharp, but the critical focus is off, I believe. It appears to be on the shirt and not the eyes. I wish that her hair was not blown out, though. I know it seems to make sense with the sky/halo but the apparent lack of hair just doesn't do much for me.

Still, though, this is a great attempt. You've really improved dramatically since you first joined.
I can see the look you were going for and I think it could be great., but the background is too faked for me. You have a hard strong light (Sun) to the left (Can see it on the hair and arms) but then it looks like you are attempting a night sky behind her, The directions and ratios do not seem right to me.
The sky is just way too much imo.
I like the photo of the girl however. You have a nice distribution of light.
I like the picture of the girl, but your photoshop work on the background is not very good. The little rounded corners where you eliminated the original background is one example (brush size too large). Plus your lines are not very straight so they do not look natural. I would recomend that you slow down and spend more time on eliminating the background.

Someone has already mentioned that the girl is lit by strong daylight and the background sky is now dark and moody.

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