hot spot or not

Kevin D Burns

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May 22, 2006
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I have gotten mixed reviews on this image. some say the hot spot is visable and others say they can't see the hot spot.
Minolta d7, Hoya R72, hand held, color mode, fine mode.
so I am asking about the hot spot from IR in the center of image, is it bad or hard to notice.
It is a little hot, but it would be very easy to neutralise it in Photoshop - just use the dodge/burn brushes very big with low intensity, a couple of clicks and it'll be perfect.

I am just not seeing it. The left side piller of the tomb is darker then the right side piller. I know it is there tho.
A little hot is not bad to me.
The untrained eye would not notice it, nor would my printer show it.
Thanks for looking.
"a little hot" is better then very hot. thanks
scary, but very cool shot.... would love to know how you achieved this look. ive been mucking around with 'simulated infared' but mine sux xx any help would be fab ( ps: cant see the hot spot?! )
Well after taking the picture in color mode and using a Hoya r72 ir filter. In paint shop pro 9, I use the one step photo fix to bring out the colors. that is it.

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