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How British are you?

i went to a party last saturday with an odd of array of pommies: geordies, londoners, leeds, liverpool, and devon. Its amazing how many different accents you chaps have over there. I think there has been mass exodus of british folk to new zealand... but then again we do have slightly better weather :mrgreen:
Hmm.. i got 15 out of 20

I think this test should be called How Cockney are you?
14-20 :er:
But i couldn't resist some of the funny answers...... and yea it is slightly too cockney.....the Greg Rudeski ones were funny tho :lol:
:-( I only got 11/20 I guess that means I'm not british anymore. :-(
Hertz van Rental said:
25 out of 20. But then one would get that wouldn't one?
Welsh & Jeffries and a pair of Lobb's de rigeur.

And then you can tootle down to Fortnums and pick up a spot of chutney to accompany that rather ludicrously ideal cheese. :lol:
Gorblimy, you're better than Dick Van Dyke in 'Mary Poppins'
11 out of 20

1-5: You'll not get past immigration.
5-10: That 400 metre taxi ride is going to take you all round town...
10-15: Gorblimy, you're better than Dick Van Dyke in 'Mary Poppins'
15-19: You've been here before haven't you?
20: The next round is on you!

And one of em I only got right cuz it's something we were talking to Rob about the other day in Chat! :lol:

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